For the Romantic
For the Romantic
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For the Romantic

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Two unashamedly, head over heels, starry eyed cocktails for those romantics out there. 

Hix Bergameister

19.5% (4.9 units per 250ml bottle/ 2.4 per 125ml serve)

Bright, complex and unashamedly pink. 


Plymouth gin, fresh lemon, rhubarb, bergamot and vanilla.

A friend of mine, Louise Wachtmeister, and I were having cocktails in Marks Bar one night at the beginning of the bergamot season and our bar consultant Nick Strangeway came up with this little gem.

This cocktail is allergen free (until you add the egg white!) 

How to serve

So this is shaken with fresh egg white. Take a smallish egg and carefully separate the white (keep the yolks for custard!). Add the egg white to your shaker with the cocktail and lots of cubed ice. Shake hard and strain through a tea strainer into a cocktail glass. The egg gives the drink a sleek silky texture. If you don't fancy the egg white (NB you cant taste it!) just pour this over cubed ice and enjoy. Garnish with a Morello cherry. 

Pink Spritz

10.5% (2.6 units per 250ml bottle/ 1.3 per 125ml serve).


Rosé, Martini Bianco, Campari, fresh pink grapefruit and cherry blossom.

A stunning aromatic spritz - floral and bright. Very pink and very moreish. 

This cocktail is allergen free. 

How to serve

Enjoy in a wine glass full of cubed ice topped with a splash of chilled soda water. Garnish with petals. Close your eyes and fall deeply in love. 


Dont forget your ice!