For the Well Dressed
For the Well Dressed
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For the Well Dressed

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Two exceptionally beautiful cocktails - these are the ultimate accessories. 


12.5% (3.1 units per 250ml bottle/ 1.55 per 125ml serve)

An un-ironic, full on DELICIOUS Cosmopolitan. 


Fresh cranberry infused Absolut vodka, fresh lime juice and handmade triple sec. 

We start by slowly infusing fresh and dried orange peels into a sugar syrup. We then macerate whole cranberries in Absolut vodka. That's then filtered at 100 microns and then blended with fresh lime juice. NOT your common or garden Cosmo. 

This cocktail is allergen free

How to serve

Shake hard with cubed ice and strain into a cocktail glass. Garnish with a freshly cut orange zest – twisted to express aromatic oils across the surface of the drink.

Don’t be put off if you don’t have a cocktail shaker – our Cosmo in just as delicious served on the rocks, garnished, if you fancy, with a freshly cut orange wedge.

Hix Temperley Sour

17.5% (4.4 units per 250ml bottle/ 2.2 per 125ml serve)

West Country takeover of a classic whisky sour. 


Somerset 3 YO Cider Brandy, Somerset Pomona, fresh lemon, Cox and Bramley apple.

I created this when I picked a few handfuls of crab apples at my house in Dorset and made them into an apple syrup. I used that syrup with Julian Temperley's Somerset Cider Brandy in West Country takeover of a classic whisky sour. 

This cocktail is allergen free*

How to serve

So this is shaken with fresh egg white. Take a small egg and carefully separate the white (keep the yolks for custard!). Add the egg white to your shaker with the cocktail and lots of cubed ice. Shake hard and strain through a tea strainer into a cocktail glass. The egg gives the drink a sleek silky texture. If you don't fancy the egg white (NB you cant taste it!) just pour this over cubed ice and enjoy. Garnish with a Morello cherry. 

Dont forget your ice!