Bring the Drink to your Date With Ready Made Fresh Valentine’s Cocktails

Bring the Drink to your Date With Ready Made Fresh Valentine’s Cocktails

Remember when taking your loved one (or your ‘I really fancy them – hope that the feeling is mutual’ one!) out for a drink on Valentine’s Day was normal?

Well - what’s the next best thing? Bring the drink TO your date! That’s where we can help with our ready made Valentine’s fresh cocktails box.

If you LOVE cocktails, or you LOVE someone who does, this is the perfect gift. Either send in the post to those you are having to love from a distance, or share at home on a romantic Valentine’s night in.

The Perfect Valentine’s Day Cocktails

Cocktails always feel special - especially when they are handmade just for you from fresh ingredients. They’re a fun and different – and let’s face it – a hassle to make from scratch – especially if you are focussed on something else (like buttons). If you are planning on spending your Valentine’s Day enjoying an liesurely outdoor walking date, video calling your socially distanced new love or preparing a romantic dinner for your other half, then you need a fast but delicious fresh alcoholic beverage ready to go. This is where pre mixed cocktails come into their own, turning you into a super hero bartender with just a shake of a bottle and a twisted garnish.

There’s no need to gather ingredients from far and wide, or worry about getting them into the cocktail shaker in the right proportions. All you or your lucky gift recipient needs is some ice, some glasses and our perfectly crafted Valentine’s cocktails.

What Will You Choose?

Our Valentine’s cocktails box contains two Pontoon Cocktails of your choice, each containing 2 servings, for just £25. So what will you choose for your Valentine?

Spiced Blood Orange Margarita - bring a little spice to your Valentine’s Day with this Olmeca tequila based cocktail blended with handmade mango agave triple sec, fresh lime and blood orange.

Bramble - feel dark and sophisticated with a Bramble - Beefeater London Dry gin, fresh lemon juice, blackberries, sloes and vanilla. Shake and serve over ice, or top up with fizz for a lighter start to your date night in.

Elderflower Gin Collins - reminisce about long summer days lazing on a picnic blanket with this gin, cider brandy and elderflower combo. Delicious served over ice with a cucmber garnish.

Havana Mojito - get ready for an evening of Cuban Fiesta with the inimitable Havana Mojito, made with Cuban rum, fresh lime and lime peel infused sugar syrup. 

Passionfruit Martini – put the sizzle back in your relationship with this fruity cocktail, described as a ‘boozy solero lolly’! Serve with a shot of chilled prosecco on the side and pretend you’re making eyes at each other across a crowded bar.

Cosmopolitan - sometimes all you want is an immaculate classic. Our Cosmopolitan doesn’t disappoint. Made with fresh cranberry infused Absolut vodka, fresh lime juice and handmade triple sec. Shake with ice and strain into a glass, garnish with a twist of orange zest and we guarantee he or she will be impressed!

Why Cocktail Market?

There are plenty of options for cocktails out there, but why make life difficult when you can enjoy expertly blended fresh cocktails delivered chilled to your door?

Cocktail Market is the failsafe way to enjoy fresh cocktails at home this Valentine’s Day:

  • Our cocktails are made in a state of the art cocktail factory, from fresh ingredients, in small batches and always by hand.
  • We don't add any artificial colours, flavours, preservatives or stabilisers.
  • We supply our cocktails premixed in a bottle - these are not kits.
  • Cocktails are delivered free of charge in 100% recyclable wool lined packaging
  • Cocktails last 5 days in the fridge (we guarantee they probably won’t last that long!)

Whatever your favourite drink or whoever you are trying to impress, don’t miss out on our specially priced Valentine’s cocktail box - just £25 for 4 servings. Order now for free delivery to you or your Valentine in time for February 14th.