How it works

You want to enjoy a perfect cocktail at home - but you just cant be bothered to make it. We've all been there.

We have the solution.

Cocktail Market showcases an expanding collection of cocktails from different events, bartenders, brands and bars across the UK.

We work with these bartenders to bring you their delicious fresh cocktails at home.

You get ready to serve freshly made cocktails from some amazing operators all at the touch of a button.

Pick n' Mix

It's very simple.

You just fill your basket with as many delicious bottles of any fresh cocktail you fancy from any Collection. There is NO minimum order and NO limit to how many you can order. Go nuts!

You can pick a delivery date OR we can ship next day.

Order by midday Monday - Thursday for delivery Tuesday - Friday.

Oh yes, and delivery is FREE if you buy 2 cocktails or more, just £3.99 for one cocktail. And you can track it with FedEx - so you wont miss it.

They arrive in our very clever 100% recyclable packaging (more on our packaging here)  chilled and ready to drink.

They will last FIVE days in your fridge.

How to serve the cocktails, their ABV and all ingredients, including any allergens, are all documented on the menu pages and on the side of each bottle.

Whatever the occasion - big or small - you make the party and we’ll make the drinks.