Lift your Lockdown Blues with Our Fresh Ready Made Cocktails

Lift your Lockdown Blues with Our Fresh Ready Made Cocktails

We are all a bit fed up at the moment. So shake up your lockdown with our fresh readymade cocktails. You might be stuck at home, but don't be glum. Why not turn your next Friday night into a private party? Turn up the music and swap your boring bottle of wine for a fiesta of authentic Cuban cocktails from Revolucion de Cuba or the stunning fresh ready mixed cocktails from experts at Pontoon

Make date night one to remember by casually knocking up elegant pre-dinner cocktails. Sounds like a lot of work? Not if you get it delivered! Instant fresh professionally made cocktails – no mess, no fuss.

Get you mates together for a virtual cocktail party – you focus on having fun – we’ll make the drinks. You can even have the same box of cocktails delivered to each home just like you were in a bar altogether. Or how about you take part in a cocktail tasting evening (gives you something to talk about other than awful news). We have everything sorted, no mess, no fuss. We just can’t organise the late night kebab for you. 

At Cocktail Market we offer a delicious range of premade fresh cocktails, which are delivered (next day, nationwide and for free, no less) straight to your doorstep, chilled and ready to serve. Come on! Let’s have a party with fresh ready to drink delicious cocktails at home. The hardest bit is choosing what you want.

Stay at Home Dinner

During lockdown, lots of people have been really thankful for the amount of time they have been able to spend with loved ones. (Conversely, others are sick to the back teeth with their nearest and dearest – but that's a whole other post) So if you are in that first camp – celebrate this precious time together by making things exciting and memorable. And what says exciting and memorable more than a perfectly crafted fresh cocktail?

Whether you are bingeing The Crown – or sat in front of a roaring fire – our pre made ready to drink fresh cocktails will make you a domestic God/Goddess. Here’s one of our bestsellers.

The Pornstar Rumtini is Revolucion de Cuba’s exotic twist on everyone’s favourite party drink, the Pornstar Martini. For those of you who haven’t had a Pornstar… it’s like a boozy Solero lolly. Havana Club 3 Year Old rum is expertly blended with fresh passion fruit, pineapple, lime and rich vanilla syrup. If you want to do it properly – do the following: Find three glasses. If they happen to be cocktail glasses – even better. Your bottle has three serves in it. Now if you want the maximum pillow soft foamy head – you probably want to shake these individually – but if you can’t be bothered just pour the whole bottle into a cocktail shaker with a good scoop of cubed ice. Shake like you are possessed, extra marks for technique, top marks for shaker face. Carefully strain into your glass/es. Garnish with half a freshly cut passion fruit floated cut side up in the crema and a shot, on the side, of chilled dry sparkling wine. What to do first? – shoot the bubbles? Sip, delicately, between mouthfuls of your delicious cocktail? We don't care – just don't pour it into the cocktail! We like to eat the passion fruit with a teaspoon afterward. Those things are yummy.

Oh yes, don’t have a cocktail shaker at home? No problem! Serve on the rocks. Or -our favourite brunch cocktail – serve in a big wine glass (or gin balloon) full of ice and a generous pour of chilled sparling wine.

Those of you dying for a bit of alone time. Follow the instructions above. And then lock yourself and your perfect cocktail in the bathroom. And breathe.

Friday Night Treat

Are you working from that ‘home office’ (kitchen table?) or still on the daily commute?

Either way – we are here to help you switch off at the end of a long day. We like to think of Cocktail Market as an adventure – there are lots of different ready to drink cocktails to explore. And we are adding new ones all the time. Here are two very different drinks – both Latins and both iconic.

The Havana Mojito is our go-to session drink – deeply refreshing – and if it’s made well and properly balanced - you cant really beat it. Now it can’t be a true Mojito unless its made with true Cuban rum. We use a bright and crisp Havana 3 YO – just as they do at Havana’s La Bodeguita del Medio, which claims to be the Mojito’s birthplace and where Ernest Hemingway would sip on Mojitos when he was taking a break from his beloved Daiquiri. We don't like to waste anything down here – so we use the whole of the lime – stripping the fruit of its peel before cutting and pressing for juice. We use an old punch makers technique to make an ‘Oleo Saccharum’. We pack the lime zest into caster sugar, which wicks away all the wonderful aromatic oils. This makes our Mojito really fruit forward with loads of complex lime oils right at the front. Now we prefer not to batch these with mint – which tends to be very delicate and oxidises very quickly. There is nothing quite like a good handful of freshly picked mint. Just stir it through the cocktail thoroughly before spritzing with a splash of chilled soda.

Rum got you glum? Celebrate Tequila as the new Gin – wonderfully complex and herbaceous. Try our other Latin Lover – our Winter take on the Margarita. We infuse Olmeca Plata Tequila with cinnamon – oh yes – and then blend it with handmade mango agave triple sec, fresh blood orange and lime. This is our Spiced Blood Orange Margarita, available to order from 23rd November 2020.

Not ANOTHER Video Call with Friends!

I mean, I know its Becky’s birthday and it’s nice to see you all and everything, but frankly, what has anyone even been doing? Let’s make this a bit more interesting shall we? Let our Cocktail Heroes at Cocktail Market bring out your Inner Bartender as you and your friends effortlessly work your way through an extensive and completely delicious menu of super simple to serve, ready to drink fresh cocktails. That's right – just order before midday for free national delivery. Order just one bottle, or a box of four (or eight!), and they are delivered by FedEx in our award winner temperature controlled 100% recyclable packaging.

Our Cosmopolitan deserves to be the life of the party. We macerate (yes, macerate Becky) whole cranberries into Absolut vodka. That's blended with fresh lime and our own triple sec. What is that? Well Becky, I’m glad you asked; you’ve heard of Cointreau? that is a triple sec. We infuse dried and freshly cut orange peels in high proof neutral grain spirit. So there you go.

The fresh cranberries make it red, not Louboutin red, but pretty racy nonetheless. And they bring a really rather grown up astringency to the finish.

Want to cock a pinky on Zoom with you mates? Make Becky’s birthday special by buying her a perfect fresh Cosmo – delivered chilled and ready to drink by Cocktail Market. Not sure if Becky is a Cosmo Girl – we have Cocktail Market gift card too.

Shop Ready Made Cocktails

At Cocktail Market we offer a sophisticated menu of ready mixed cocktails. With so many to choose from, there is something for everyone and to suit an array of lockdown occasions. On our website, you can view the ingredients list for all of our premade cocktails as well as recommendations on how they are best served.

Lift your lockdown blues with our ready made cocktails by placing your order today!