Slide Into the New Season With Our Pick of Spring Cocktails

Slide Into the New Season With Our Pick of Spring Cocktails

Spring is the season of all things new, so what better time to upscale your at-home drinks and try some new spring cocktails? Whether you are looking for a fresher twist on your cocktail favourites or a longer drink to quench your thirst, we’ve got a pick of spring cocktails to ease you into the new season and hopefully the better weather!

Spring Cocktails With Rum

If rum is your spirit of choice you will love these lush and lively spring cocktails:

XOXO Pineapple Daiquiri

A bright, frothy, tropical drink that is full of anticipation for the summer days to come. Havana Club 3 YO rum has been expertly blended with spiced rum, fresh lime, pineapple and sugar syrup to create a delicious drink that can be simply shaken and strained over cubed ice.

Pontoon Cocktails Havana Mojito

If you want a Cuban classic made with Cuban rum (as it should be) then look no further than the Havana Mojito from Pontoon Cocktails. Featuring all the zesty, fresh flavours that epitomise spring, this cocktail can be enjoyed anywhere at any time. The secret to its success is using the whole lime to produce a lip smacking spring rum cocktail.

Gin Cocktails for Spring

It’s a popular drink at the moment, so if gin is your tipple of choice, why not try one of these gin cocktails?

Pontoon Cocktails Elderflower Gin Collins

Perfect for spring picnics, this gin cocktail is pure bottled sunshine. Created with Beefeater London Dry Gin, Somerset 5 Year Old cider brandy, elderflower, fresh lemon and apple juice, it’s a British classic with a crisp apple twist.

Mark Hix Bergameister 

Looking for the perfect cocktail for a spring evening in the garden with friends? The Bergameister from Mark Hix is just the ticket. A bright and complex cocktail that expertly blends Plymouth gin with fresh lemon, rhubarb, bergamot and vanilla. Lively and refreshing, with a beautiful pink hue, this is what Spring looks like in a glass!

Spring Vodka Cocktails

Mark Hix Dorset Donkey

Lighter and fresher than the classic mule, this Vodka based cocktail combines Black Cow vodka, fresh ginger, fresh lime and Crème de mûre for a zingy, fresh cocktail with a kick in its tail!

Pontoon Cocktails Cosmopolitan

The classic vodka cocktail has been expertly blended by Pontoon Cocktails to deliver a fruity, tangy drink that looks great in a glass. Enjoy it outside on the patio, in the park for a picnic or indoors when the spring weather turns. 

Whatever your spirit of choice, we’ve got you covered. Choose from our wide range of freshly made, pre mixed cocktails and have them delivered to your door - at home or work, ready for when your downtime starts. Follow the links in this blog for the secrets to serving each spring cocktail perfectly, then sit back, relax and enjoy!