Cocktails on Tap - Pink Spritz
Cocktails on Tap - Pink Spritz
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Cocktails on Tap - Pink Spritz

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For 25 Serves (£3.00 per Serve)

10.5% (32.5 units per 3125ml box/ 1.3 per 125ml serve)


Rose, Martini Bianco, Campari, fresh pink grapefruit and cherry blossom

A stunning aromatic spritz - floral and bright. very pink and very moreish with just enough bitterness.

This cocktail contains sulfites 

How to serve

Enjoy in a wine glass full of cubed ice topped with a splash of chilled soda water. Garnish with petals. Close your eyes and dive headlong into the ultimate sunshine cocktail.


Hand made with fresh ingredients and premium spirits.

These are freshly made and unpasteurised with no added colours, flavours, stabilisers or preservatives.

This is a natural product - packed full of fresh fruit - so it will separate. Shake the bottle before serving

Cocktails will arrive very cold - keep refrigerated (below 5 degrees) and enjoy with 5 days. Please do not freeze.


Box size is 3125ml and contains 25 x 125ml serves.

Dont forget your ice!

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